WP Travelify Theme Installation

1. Installation

1.1 Through Dashboard (Easy)

  1. Log in to the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Go to Appearance->Themes.
  3. Click on Install Themes at the top.
  4. Click on Upload tab
  5. Upload travelify.zip file via web interface

Note! AutomatedĀ installation via WordPress.orgĀ comingĀ soon.

1.2 Manual Installation using FTP (Advanced)

  • Go to Travelify page at https://colorlib.com/wp/travelifyĀ .
  • Click on Download button to download theme on your desktop.
  • Unzip travelify.zip to your Desktop.
  • Access your host web server using your favorite FTP client (such asĀ Cyberduck or FileZilla etc).
  • Navigate to /wp-content/themes/ and Ā upload Ā entire travelify folder.
  • Now open WP admin dashboard and go to Appearance->Themes and activate Travelify theme from there.

2. Custom Menu

travelify menuTravelify supports WordPress Custom Menus. Here is how to use them:

  • In WordPress dashboard go to Appearance->Menus.
  • Give your Custom Menu a name and build it up using little widgets on the left.
  • You can add pages, categories or custom URLā€™s.
  • You can drag and drop menu items toĀ arrangeĀ  them.
  • Now simply select the theme location(Primary Menu) in the upper left corner and choose your newly created custom menu. Afterwards, click Save.

For more informationĀ seeĀ Custom Menus Help.

3. Custom Background

Travelify theme supports WordPress Custom Backgrounds feature.

  • In WordPress dashboard go toĀ Appearance->Background.
  • You can either set theĀ image or colorĀ as background.
  • You can see the background preview on the same setting page.
  • Click Save Changes when you areĀ satisfiedĀ with what you see.
  • You can always reset theme default background via WP Customize options.

4.Default Layout Configuration

travelify layoutThere are different layouts for Travelify theme and you can set any layout to be your default layout. This theme has severalĀ layoutĀ options:Ā No Sidebar, No Sidebar/Full Width, No Sidebar/One Column, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar.Ā By default theme uses Right Sidebar. To change default Theme Layout follow these instructions:

  • Go toĀ Appearance->Theme Options->Main Options->Layout Options.
  • Choose on of the 5 defaultĀ layouts.
  • Click on Save all Changes.

5.Ā Specific Layout Per Post/Page

travelify post layoutTravelify theme allows you to choose the specific layout for every post and page display. This will override default theme layout you set on step 5.

  • Open anyĀ Post or Page.
  • You will see a box named ā€œSelect layout for this specific Post onlyā€ at the bottom of the post editor page.
  • This feature might be disabled but you can always enable it viaĀ Screen Options.
  • If your select Default Layout set inĀ Theme SettingsĀ , the layout set in the Theme Options Layout Configuration will be layout for this post as well.
  • Select layout you want to use for this post or page and hit Update to save changes.

6. Set up Homepage Featured Slider


  • Create Post or Page and add featured image to it.
  • Go to Theme Options->Featured Slider
  • Choose how many slides you want to display on front page.
  • Add all the Post ID that you want to use in the featured slider. Post ID can be found at All Posts table in last column
  • Choose transition style and other settings at ā€œSlider Optionsā€
  • Featured Slider will show featured images, Title and excerpt of the respected added post IDs.
  • The recommended image size isĀ 1018px x 460px.

7. Custom CSS

custom-cssTheme allows to use Custom CSS. This feature willĀ overwrite the themeā€™s default style.css.

  • In theĀ WordPressĀ dashboard go toĀ Appearance->Theme Options->Main Options->Custom CSS(Advanced).
  • Add your own CSS and save it usingĀ Save All Changes button.

8. How to Disable Page Comments

disable comments

  • OpenĀ particularĀ page on which you want to turn off comments via WP dashboard.
  • Look for theĀ Discussion boxĀ below the post editor box.
  • It might be disabled but you can enable it via Screen Options.Ā 
  • UncheckĀ Allow CommentsĀ in theĀ Discussion boxĀ and hit Update.

9. Recommended Image Sizes

9.1 Featured image size

  • Width: 1018px
  • Height:Ā 460px

9.2 Blog Image Large featured images

  • Width: 670px
  • Height: 300px

9.3 Blog Image Medium featured images

  • Width:Ā 230px
  • Height:Ā 230px

10.How to set up Blog Page

page-attributes You can show your Blog page in three different ways:

  • Large image with excerpt content
  • Medium image with excerpt content
  • Full content display.

You can have a look forĀ examplesĀ on Travelify Blog demo Steps to setup blog page:

  • Create a new page, give it a name (for example ā€œBlogā€ but you can use any name) and select Blog page template from Template dropdown.
  • Choose between three options: Blog Full Content Display, Blog Image Large, Blog Image Medium.
  • Click Publish.
  • Now all your posts will be shown as per your template selection.

If you want to use this newly created Blog using Blog Template to be used on front page you need to do these extra steps:

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard ā€“ Settings ā€“ Reading
  • Select ā€œA static page (select below)ā€
  • Choose your previously created blog page for ā€œFront pageā€
  • Now save changes and you will see your chosen Blog Template for Blog in homepage

Note: images for each of the post shown in Blog Layout are featured image for that particular post.

11. Translation

Travelify theme is translation ready which means that you can add a new language with ease. No coding skills are required, just plain text input based on existing English queries. More information on WordPress theme translation you can read here.

12. Social Icons

Social icons in the header like you can see in Travelify Demo can be enabled via WordPress dashboard ā€“ Apperance ā€“ Theme Options ā€“ Social. Add full URL to your profile to make icons visible in your websiteā€™s header. Only icons that have valid URLs added will be displayed.
Travelify social icons

13. Change color scheme

Since Travelify 2.0 it is available in 16 million color variations. There are 15 color pickers included to change color of various design elements such as navigation, social icons, buttons, text color and other. These settings and color pickers are based on Theme Customization API and can be accessed via WordPress dashboard ā€“ Appearance ā€“ Customize.

Travelify color scheme

Customize Travelify Color Scheme using Theme Customization API

14.Footer copyright information

Footer default copyright information is hard coded and canā€™t be changed. It will change date and title automatically, so you shouldnā€™t worry about that.
However, there is another option to customize footer information. Since Travelify 2.0 we have created a custom field to add custom copyright or any other information in footer. This field can be found via WordPress dashboard ā€“ Appearance ā€“ Customize ā€“ Travelify Footer.
Travelify copyright information

This field can handle HTML markup, so you can even add images, icons, formated text or whatever you can come up with

mySQL Group By

Katakan kita ada set of data seperti di bawah:

id usernameĀ name
1 ahmad Ā Ā AhmadĀ Fuad
2 bakri Ā  Mohd Bakri
3 zul Ā  Ā  Zulkifli
4 ahmad Ā  Ahmad Fuad

dan kita hendak paparkan senarai user menggunakan fungsi GROUP BY

$sa = "SELECT *Ā FROMĀ table
GROUP BY username

Bagi pengguna mysql, kod di atas akan memaparkan senarai pengguna tanpa duplicate username melalui penggunaan fungsi GROUP BY serta baris yang terakhir untuk data berkenaan. Bagi kes ini, id pengguna bernama Ahmad Fuad adalah 4. Fungsi subquery adalah untuk mendapatkan id terakhir (menggunakan fungsi MAX) setelah username di group by.

Bengkel KIK

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Apa itu Qailulah ?

Qailulah ialah tidur sebentar pada siang hari.Ā Qailulah @ tidur sekejap waktu tengahari akan memudahkan kita untuk bangun malam dan berqiamulail.

Bila waktu paling sesuai untuk amalkan Qailulah ?

Mengikut pengalaman mereka yang istiqamah mengamalkan Qailulah, waktu paling baik ialah antara pukulĀ 12 tengahariĀ sehinggaĀ sebelumĀ Zohor. Namun boleh juga dilakukan selepas Zohor.

Apakah kelebihan atau Kebaikan Qailulah ?

Mengikut kajian,Ā 1 minitĀ Qailulah kualitinya bersamaan denganĀ 45 minitĀ waktu tidur kita di waktu malam. Jadi,Ā cukupĀ sekadar dapatĀ 15 minitĀ Qailulah, kita sudah boleh bangun solat malam tanpa rasa mengantuk, insyaAllah.

Orang barat memanggil Qailulah sebagai “nap“. Di negara barat biasanya “nap” dilakukan dari pukulĀ 2-4 petang. Hasil kajian menunjukan amalan “nap’ waktu tengahari dapatĀ mengelakkanĀ penyakit jantung.

Menurut kajian lagi, manusia perlu berehatĀ setelahĀ 6-8 jamĀ berjaga. Kita orang Islam akan bangun seawal jam 5.30 pagi untuk solat subuh. kalau dikira dari waktu subuh hingga pukul 12-1 tengahari, ia sudah cukup 7-8 jam kita berjaga. Jadi Qailulah @ nap ini adalah sangat-sangat berpatutan untuk dilakukan pada masa itu. Ia sangat sesuai denga fitrah badan manusia.

Menurut mereka yang istiqamah mengamalkan Qailulah, sebaik bangkit dari Qailulah, kita mungkin akanĀ peningĀ sedikit selamaĀ 5-20 minit. Tetapi selepas itu, kita akan mendapati perubahan mendadak dari segiĀ emosi, kecerdasan dan fokus.

Cubalah amalkan sunnah Qailulah ini. Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal.

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p/s: Langkah pertama, menulis menggunakan perkataan penuh (tanpa singkatan dan bahasa pasar). Terima kasih untuk peringatan ini, Bro Dino!

Perancangan 2013

Rasanya lama dah tak update blog ini dengan tutorial2 yang berkaitan dengan pengaturcaraan php & mysql. Alhamdulillah, sepanjang PakCu handling training utk Kursus PHP & mySQL (Asas & Pertengahan) serta Joomla, feeback yang diterima sangat menggalakan. Sampai hari ini masih ada peserta kursus yang call/email/msg bertanyakan persoalan berkaitan kandungan kursus yang diajar. Ini satu perkara yang positif antara pengajar dan pelajar. Oops! PakCu bukan nak mengajar.. cuma nak berkongsi ilmu sekerat-dua yang Allah berikan ini agar kita sama-sama dapat manfaat daripadanya.

Jadi untuk tahun 2013 ini, PakCu cadangan nak buat satu koleksi tutorial ilmu yang PakCu ada berkaitan dengan pengatucaraan dengan pengunjung semua. Sekurang-kurangnya ia boleh dijadikan rujukan kepada yang baru berjinak dengan dunia pengaturcaraan. Juga untuk peserta-peserta kursus refresh balik pembelajaran yang dikongsikan semasa dalam kelas/kursus yang telah dihadiri. Namun ingin PakCu menyatakan disini:

“Saya bukanlah pakar dalam bidang ini tapi saya amat minat dalam bidang ini dan tujuan saya menyediakan tutorial akan datang ini bukanlah untuk mengajar anda tentang cara terbaik (kerana ada yang lebih baik) tetapi sekadar berkongsi ilmu yang saya ada untuk manfaat kita semua”

Insyallah selain dari topik2 yang memang PakCu dah rancang nak buat, anda juga boleh usulkan topik2 yang berkaitan. Sekiranya topik tersebut dalam pengetahuan PakCu, insyallah PakCu akan buatkan tutorial.